Briefly about Belize

Belize is a unique country in Central America, which is famous for the ancient ruins of Mayan cities, coral islands, reserves with the rarest species of animals and tropical forests.

Ethnic composition
Mestizo, creole, maya
430 thousand people
Internet speed
41 Mbps
State system
Unitary state
Belize dollar (BZD)


  • Big blue hole
  • City of Cahal Pech
  • Hol Chan Marine Reserve

The Climate

The climate in Belize is tropical, so the country is hot and humid all year round.

  • From June to August the temperature stays around +36
  • And in winter from December to February, the temperature is +30
  • February to May – dry season (no precipitation)
  • June to November is the rainy season
  • From September to November – a high probability of hurricanes from the Caribbean.

The Medicine

Medicine in Belize is average and far from North American and European standards. Most doctors have studied abroad and are experts in their field. For citizens of the country, medicine is free or at a low cost, and for tourists it is better to purchase international insurance.

National cuisine

The national cuisine in Belize is not very original, as it borrows elements from the traditions of Great Britain, Mexico and the USA. Veal, pork, chicken, fish and seafood are used to prepare most dishes. The basis of the dishes are rice, beans, corn and vegetables.


The average salary in the country is about $1.200.


Taxes for individuals in Belize are – 25%



Food in an inexpensive restaurant5$
Lunch for 2 people, a middle-class restaurant with three courses35$
Combo lunch at McDonald’s6$


Milk (1 liter)2$
Eggs (10 pcs)2$


One way ticket (city transport)2.4$
Taxi (price per 1 kilometer)3.5$
Petrol (1 liter)1.5$


Hotel 2-3*73$/day
Hotel 4-5*146$/day

Housing prices in Belize per month

Rent a modest housing or room2.200$ / month
Renting an apartment or a room in a good hotel4.380$ / month

Digital Nomad Visa

At the moment, Belize does not provide a special digital nomad visa, but it is possible to stay in the country from 6 months to 1 year and work remotely on a tourist visa.

Tourist Visa

This visa is issued for tourism purposes, you can also temporarily engage in some kind of business or professional activity. There are two types of visa:

  • Single – issued for 6 months
  • Multiple – for 1 year

You do not need a visa to enter Belize if:

  • You have a multiple-entry visa or permanent residence card from the United States.
  • You have a multiple entry Schengen visa.
  • You have a multiple entry visa or permanent residence card from Canada.

Residents of the countries of the former CIS need a visa. You can check your visa regime on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For a visa you need:

  • International passport, lasting at least 6 months
  • Fill out an application
  • Round trip or third country tickets
  • Letter of employment (data about the employer, period of work and salary per month)
  • Employment certificate issued within at least 6 months
  • Bank statements for the last 6 months

All documents must have copies and be translated into English.

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