green island in the middle of ocean


Briefly about Mauritius

Mauritius is a famous African island, which is famous for its incredible nature, tropical forests, graceful waterfalls, mysterious dunes, snow-white beaches and the azure ocean.

Port Louis
Ethnic composition
Indo-Mauritian, French, Chinese, Mestizo
English, French and Mauritian
1.3 million
Internet speed
21 Mbps
Hinduism, Christianity
State system
Parliamentary republic
Mauritian rupee (MUR)

The Capital

Port Louis was once a French colony, as a result of which European architecture of the 18th century, Hindu temples, folk traditions and cuisine have been preserved on the island. The capital is surrounded on one side by the port, and on the other by mountains with beautiful landscapes. The people of Mauritius are very fond of horseback riding, so they hold horse races every weekend.


  • Chamarel Seven Colored Earth Geopark
  • Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden
  • La Vanille Nature Park
  • the Citadel Fort
  • Chamarel waterfall
  • Underwater waterfall near Le Morne peninsula
  • Captain Matthew Flinders Statue

The Climate

The climate is hot and tropical. The island has two seasons:

  • Summer – from November to April – 28°
  • Winter – May to October – 22°

Humidity reaches 80%

Religions in Mauritius


The Medicine

There are public and private clinics on the island. In the state clinic, medicine is not the best, but it is free, including medicines. And in a private clinic, medicine is more professional, respectively, with high prices.

National cuisine

Mauritian cuisine is a mix of Indian, Chinese, French, British and Creole cuisines. The basis of the diet is rice, it is served with various ingredients and seafood.

Do not forget! In Indian and Chinese cuisine, dishes are served very spicy. So you will often need to add the phrase “not spicy” to your order.


The average salary in the country after taxes is $700.


The tax for individuals on the island of Mauritius is:

0 to 14500$10%
14500$ and Above15%



Food in an inexpensive restaurant8$
Lunch for 2 people, a middle-class restaurant with three courses40$
Combo lunch at McDonalds8$


Milk (1 liter)1,8$
Eggs (10 pcs)2,7$


One way ticket (city transport)1,3$
Taxi (price per 1 kilometer)4$
Petrol (1 liter)1,7$


Hotel 2-3*14$ / day
Hotel 4-5*45$ / day

Housing prices in Mauritius per month:

Rent a modest housing or room300$ / month (without utilities)
Renting an apartment or a room in a good hotel1200$ / month (without utilities)

Digital Nomad Visa

Mauritius provides an opportunity to obtain a premium visa, also called a digital nomad visa.

Visa applications are accepted online, and you can apply even if you are already on the island. A premium visa is issued for a period of 183 days to 1 year with the possibility of extension. Waiting time up to two business days.

What do you need to get a premium visa?

  • Valid international passport
  • Proof of sufficient funds, $1500/month per applicant. If you are traveling with an unemployed person under the age of 24, it will be + $ 500 to the required amount. The confirmation can be a bank statement or an employment contract allowing you to work remotely.
  • Round-trip air tickets with confirmation of their payment. Return tickets must be to your country of origin, or the country where you will have a valid visa within three months from the date of departure from the island. Mauritius. Departure date must be more than 183 days after arrival.
  • Accommodation booking
  • Medical insurance for the entire period of stay
  • Copy of marriage certificate (if there is a dependent spouse)
  • Any documents confirming the purpose of the trip (if any)
  • Visa is free, you don’t need to pay anything

Important! Documents in a foreign language must have a certified translation into English or French.

Please note that if you stay in Mauritius for more than 183 days a year, you will automatically become a tax resident. This means that all of your worldwide income will also have to be taxed in Mauritius.

For all up-to-date information, as well as how to apply for a nomad visa, see the official website of the Mauritius Economic Development Council. 

Visa-free regime

The following countries have 90 days of visa-free travel: EU countries, USA, Canada and many others. See the Wiki Page or the Passport Index for a complete list of countries. 

What do you need for visa-free entry?

  • Valid international passport
  • Round-trip air tickets with confirmation of their payment. Return tickets must be to your country of origin, or the country where you will have a valid visa within three months from the date of departure from the island Mauritius.
  • Have enough cash – $100/day
  • Accommodation booking

If desired, you can fly into the country on a visa-free basis and only then apply for a nomad visa.

Customs regulations

Allowed to import into the country:

  • 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco
  • Alcoholic drinks – up to 1 liter
  • Wine or beer – up to 2 liters
  • Eau de toilette – up to 250 ml or 1 bottle of perfume
  • Photo, video and other equipment – 1 subject each

It is forbidden to import into the country:

  • Drug-containing medications
  • Products from Africa, East and Southeast Asia
  • Flower and Plant Seeds
  • Corals and objects from the bottom of the sea

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