Briefly about Singapore

Singapore is the most developed island state on the planet, which was built according to feng shui and entered the 5 richest countries in the world. Tourists are attracted by luxurious living, incredible architecture and many fabulous places. Singapore’s highlights are Gardens by the Bay and the Marina Bay Sands casino, which reflects the luxury of the country.

Ethnic composition
Chinese, Malays, Indians, Europeans
Malay, Chinese, English
4.5 million
Internet speed
203 Mbps
Buddhism, Christianity, Islam
State system
Unitary parliamentary republic
Singapore dollar (SGD)


  • Marina Bay Sands Hotel
  • Sentosa Island
  • Gardens by the Bay
  • Butterfly Park
  • Singapore Botanic Gardens
  • Jurong Bird Park

The Climate

In Singapore, the climate is equatorial, hot and humid. The average air temperature reaches 32°C, with humidity ranging from 70% to 90%.

Religions in Singapore


The Medicine

Medicine in Singapore is one of the best in the world. There are public and private clinics in the country. Free medical care is only for residents of the country and those who have a residence permit, so it is better for tourists to have an international insurance policy.

Singapore clinics are famous and in demand among medical tourists who come for plastic surgeries. Doctors are also professionals in the treatment of oncology, epilepsy and cerebral palsy.

National cuisine

There are a lot of different peoples in Singapore, so the cuisine here is just as varied and spicy. The basis of food is rice, it is served with meat, seafood, and for dessert – fruits.


The average salary in the country is $4730. Salaries for Middle Software Engineers within 6020$.


Singapore levies taxes on individuals, whether they are residents or not.

14 235$0%
14 235$ to 21 353$2%
21 353$ to 28 471$3,5%
28 471$ to 56 943$7%
56 943$ to 85 415$11,5%
85 415 $ to 113 887$15%
711 794$ and above24%



Food in an inexpensive restaurant11$
Lunch for 2 people, a middle-class restaurant with three courses57$
Combo-lunch at McDonalds6$


Milk (1 liter)2,4$
Eggs (12 pcs)2,4$


One way ticket (city transport)1,4$
Taxi (price per 1 kilometer)0,7$
Petrol (1 liter)1,8$


Hotel 2-3*45$/day
Hotel 4-5*85$/day

Housing prices in Singapore per month

Rent a modest housing or room1400$ / month without utilities
Renting an apartment or a room in a good hotel2170$ / month without utilities

Digital Nomad Visa

At the moment, Singapore does not have a dedicated digital nomad visa, but there are several other suitable options.

Visa-free regime:

Visa-free regime for 90 days is valid for countries:

EU citizens, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, South Korea, Switzerland, UK, USA.

Visa-free regime for 30 days:

Andorra, Bahrain, Canada, Hong Kong, Iceland, Israel, Kuwait, Liechtenstein, Macau, Maldives, Mauritius, Monaco, Mongolia, Oman, Qatar, San Marino, South Africa, Turkey, UAE.

You can check the visa regime of your country on the website of the Immigration Office of the Republic of Singapore.

Tourist visa

This visa is issued for a period of 30 days, it is also called Entry Visa. You can apply for a visa online at the Immigration Office website. Document processing takes 3 working days.

To apply for a tourist visa you need:

  • Completed and signed Form 14A
  • Completed Form V39A and signed by the local contact (if available)
  • Passport size color photo (taken no more than 3 months)
  • Scanned passport with biometric data
  • Visa fee – $20

What do you need to enter Singapore?

  • Passport (valid for at least 6 months)
  • Enough money to live in Singapore
  • SG Arrival Card (Electronic Health Document) can be submitted through the MyICA app or through the Immigration Office website. Important! The SG card is not a visa.
  • Paid return ticket. In case you have a return ticket to a third country, you must have a visa for your next destination.
  • Full vaccination against COVID-19
  • Yellow fever vaccination document if you are a citizen of these countries.

You can enter Singapore with an e-pass, which will indicate the period of stay and the last day allowed in the country. When entering Singapore, stamps in the passport will not be placed.

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